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Businesses are intended to make money, and sometimes this means

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Businesses are intended to make money, and sometimes this means keeping business practices secret. What kind of information does the public have a right to know? What kind of information does a business have a right to keep secret? How do we make these decisions?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

A business can keep all it's secrets as long as it's not impacting the public.

For example they need to mention their pollution emissions if they manufacture something or mention the ingredients of the product if they produce foods.

If they are a public company they need to fill reports with the SEC.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
How are the decisions made?
When they are forced, the decision is made by legislators or from a request from an individual.

It can also come internally from the businesses (usually approved byt he board of director. For example they can publish key customers they have. Even if this expose them to competitor, it can also be good publicity showing who trust them for the services/products.
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