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This question is for anyone available soon. A recent warning

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This question is for anyone available soon. A recent warning was noted. Who may it be for - is it to warn Dan or me & what specific threat should either of us look for and why? Is it cuz the x has been told to stay away for Thanksgiving or has she been told he is filing soon? Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX still traveling next week & appreciate your psychic input until I can get back to talk with you know who. Meantime, frenemy called & I ignored it with a brief: am busy.

Aqua Marine :

hi love, im seeing a lot of arguments coming up and this seems to revolve around a third party of a female variety. You are going to need to try and stay calm as things will be said by a significant other which will actually come out wrong. meaning how they say ti wotn be what they mean if you see what im on about. There will be a few triggers that can set off emotional outbursts which wont help xxx

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you but we have nit been in direct contact in a long time, he & I. I underxtand you, however, I do not know when he will finally call. When do you see that? Thanks
hi sweetheart
im not getting a specific timing on this as to be honest time frames aren't something im confident giving as i feel they are really just guess work. as much as certain events may be on a destined path the timing can be influenced far too much by peoples actions and reactions. The only thing i do pick up is that it wont be soon darling its not going to be a quick development unfortunately xxx

If my answers have been helpful please do me the honors of accepting and i look forward to helping you further xx
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