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Why would unclaimed proprty go to 3 divices named in will instead

Resolved Question:

Why would unclaimed proprty go to 3 divices named in will instead of my brother and I who inherited everything.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Ellen replied 5 years ago.

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This depends - can you please tell me more about the matter?



My parents had a will together leaving all to my brother and me. My mother died 13 year ago and Dad 10 years ago. Dad added 3 devices to his will. These were satisfied. Now attorney is telling me that the 3 devices would get money from unclaimed property not my brother and me. Don't understand this.

internetanswers :

Thank you for your explanation. I do not understand the attorney's reasoning. If the specific devices were satisfied, any additional monies or assets would pass to the residuary beneficiaries. Based upon the information in your post your brother and yourself appear to be the residuary beneficiaries – you share the balance of the estate after the specific devices.

internetanswers :

You may want to consider retaining another attorney to reviewyour father's will and the unclaimed funds. Here is a link to a free legal referral site that may assist you in locating competent local counsel:

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