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Marketing.How to be profitable in department store (Bloomingdales)

Resolved Question:

How to be profitable in department store (Bloomingdales) ?
I have a small skincare brand that is in 6 different Bloomingdales locations. It sounds great, isn't? There is only one problem - no profit. Apparently Bloomingdales required from me to have my sales people working at their locations part time. I have to pay all sales people from my pocket ($ 20.000 per week), where is sales varies from $ 17.000 to $ 22.000 per week. I have nothing left by the time I pay sales people. You have to understand that I don't have big budget like huge brands (Chanel or Lancome etc.). What would be the best solution for small brand in department stores? Any ideas?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 5 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

This is indeed loads of fees. One solution is to have more aggressive sales force. Another one that i would investigate looking at the $22K/week figure is some kind of automated multimedia kiosk with perhaps a sample distributor. If Bloomingdales allow this it would really spike the profitability, especially if the kiosk is well done.

Suck a kiosk could also bring important data from the customers. how often and how long are they in front of the device, what product are they reading about, what sample are they leaving with.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Luxurious stores like Bloomingdales would never aloud machines takes place real people
Expert:  Martin replied 5 years ago.
It would not have to replace them, just reduce the number of employees and increase the customer curiosity. I could be made with taste.

I don't know your advertisement budget but you may really have to increase it. You may also concentrate the task force in the more profitable time frame.

If you are in contact with others with similar deal to you, try to make alliances to save on the sale force.

While doing all this, try to rework your deal with them (ask them for more visibility). It's one thing to establish a customer base, but if it no longer progress you really have to start making move to get a profit.
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