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My father is a former Catholic, has not attended mass in probably

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My father is a former Catholic, has not attended mass in probably 30 yrs. He is dying of cancer, in a hospital now, barely able to communicate. It took him twenty minutes to tell me he needed me to help, something about the holy mother I can't make it out. He struggled very hard to tell me he "needs the holy witness" He repeated this several times, used all his energy to say it. I need the holy witness, do it, help me and "I will always be". He is barely able to speak so I know this is important he used all his energy to say this but I still don't know what he wants. Is it a Catholic thing? Is he asking for a priest?
Hi- Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. I am so sorry for your distress and the illness of your father.

Many people who have fallen away from their religion feel compelled to return to it in times of catastrophic illness. The Catholic sacrament of "Last Rites" or "Anointing of the Sick" is for strengthening and comforting those who are terminally ill. It gives blessing and forgiveness of sins. A priest could be called in to administer this blessing. If you don't have a Catholic connection, my suggestion is to get in touch with the hospital chaplain's office. It is their job to help with spiritual requests, regardless of the religious affiliation. Talking with the hospital social worker may also be of help.

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