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Years ago, there was a Chinese restaurant that had a dish I

Resolved Question:

Years ago, there was a Chinese restaurant that had a dish I had never seen before or since in another such restaurant. It was almost like a chicken croquette. It was cooked chicken, rice, onion, celery and possibly water chestnut, very finely minced and formed into an egg shape (about the sixe of a large duck's egg), then rolled in flour and bread crumbs and fried. There were about six in an order and they were served with a cream gravy kind of like that served over biscuts, but thinner.

I say it was lkind of like standard chicken croquettes, but much more subtley seasoned with an asian touch and the texture was better (probably the rice). I believed the called it chicked velvet or something similar. It didn't really seem like a typical chinese or asian-type dish, but it was wonderful. Have you ever heard of a similar asian dish?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


You are correct there is a croquette or dumpling type dish with a nice sauce called Chicken Velvet. I located a Recipe for this dish. It seems fairly easy to make and the ingredients are not exotic. This is a link that has the recipe and how to prepare Chicken Velvet:


I hope that you are able to make it and enjoy it again. It does sound delicious!


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