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Hi--I wanted to know if there was a source to find out the

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Hi--I wanted to know if there was a source to find out the best mattress to buy? After 20 years on this uncomfortable one we are now ready to purchase a brand new mattress but we want to make sure it is a great one, since we will probably have it for a long time! Plus we are older now [late 50's] and our bodies would appreciate a good nights sleep. Thanks

One of the best sources for mattress referrals are your friends and family. If they have purchased a mattress they can be a good way to find out more.

Another great way to find a mattress that you like is to go to a retail location that has a variety of mattress types where you can give them a try. There are so many different choices out there from Sleep Number beds that allows you to control how soft or firm the mattress is (separately if you do not agree on which is best), Tempur-Pedic beds that help with spinal alignment, Craftmatic adjustable beds (these can come with a variety of mattress types), pillow top mattresses, and even traditional mattresses. With these choices it can make it hard to decide on which bed is right for you without trying it out.

If you think you may be more interested in a certain mattress type, look at the company's website. Many times you can find coupons and other deals to help save some money.

Several of these mattresses give you an in-home trial, such as Sleep Number and Tempur-pedic, which allows you to actually sleep on the bed for about a month and return it if you are not satisfied. When you finally do decide on which bed to buy check into their return or exchange policy to see if they offer your satisfaction guaranteed.

Here are some review websites where you can start your search online: (this has a nice what to look for section next to the reviews that can prove to be helpful) (this one is nice in the way that it is set up as you can select mattress brands and types from the side menu) (consumer reports is very trusted, another way to access this is your local library may have a print subscription that you can check out)

Please let me know if you need any further information. Smile

Your satisfaction is my goal. Contact me if you feel that I did not reach that goal! A tip is a wonderful way to say that I did a great job. If you want to request me for future questions, you can write stayathomemomof2 in front of your question title. Thanks!

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