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How do I remove melted aluminum foil off bottom tray of oven

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How do I remove melted aluminum foil off oven?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

I don't think it melted (the aluminum melting point is quite high). It probably plated to the oven. You can try to let it soak in tomato ketchup for some day (or between your use of the oven). The aluminum will be eaten away.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What is it that ketchup will eat up the aluminum? How many hours are you talking about? And your answer indicates a cold oven?
The ketchup will act as an electrolyte. It's not a very very acid substance so we might take 48 hours. It's like electroplating, purely chemical no heat involved. You are right, you do this with a cold oven.

Reading back my original answer i forgot to mention that you will get better result if the ketchup is sandwiched between the foil and some iron (iron washer will do well). Something not too heavy so that it can "float" on the ketchup.

You may have to do that 2 or 3 time to completely remove it and scrub just a little between each iterations.

Note an electrolyte need to always be liquid to work, so if you put something on it (plastic sheet, a cup...) it would prevent drying.

The aluminum will get eaten the same way that sometime happen when a dish with tomato sauce is cooked in a metal container (different than aluminum) covered with aluminum foil. The foil will sometime be full of small hole at the end of the cooking.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What do you mean by a washer (iron) not too heavy. The only thing I can think of that I have that is iron would be an iron skillet. That would be too heavy as you have already suggested. So what is the alternative to sandwiching (floating) on the ketchup with what?
If it's too heavy the amount of electrolyte will become too thin (you can add plastic spacer). Nail should work and are easy to find (i said iron, but steal can work).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Be more clear about how thick the layer of ketchup should be to get results. Then if I am understanding you-- use nails with head?? to provide spacers? Then a pan or cookie sheet for top layer of sandwich to keep ketchup moist. The alum foil to be removed is an approx size of 8 x 11". Then I will need to use the oven tomorrow afternoon?? So is that going to delay the process that I have going now?? To give you a clear picture of where foil is: the cover is over the electric assembly of the bottom of the oven. The temperature that was used was 425 degrees that plated or melted the foil!
Nail, just to give an example of another source of iron. The thickness does not matter much, try to have at least 3mm (that is what i got good result with).

If you need the oven, just wash all this and re-install it after. The process can be resumed where it was left with no problem.

1220.58F is the melting point, so it did not melt. I may have bonded with carbon residue from the past (from a pie that overflowed for example). In any case the procedure i mentioned will work as i tested it myself. If you want to get a feel of how it operate, you can test it on a bit of foil first, then go for the full 8 x 11".
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You said ketchup was not very acid acid. Is there something that is more acid such as lemon juice, vinegar or other concoction that would be faster and easier?
Well, it's acid (it contain vinegar). You may enrich it if you want but i find the consistence perfect for that kind of work already. And it won't damage the underlying oven part.

You may experiment with pure vinegar in liquid form and also toilet cleaner that contain hydrochloric acid.
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