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I have had a bout with gnats or fruit flies for a couple weeks.

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I have had a bout with gnats or fruit flies for a couple weeks. I used drain cleaner overnight & then very hot water for about 10 mins. I only saw a couple the next day. I waited a day & I repeated the same things drain cleaner overnight then the hot water this morning. I just saw one buzz by me. Would it take time to get rid of them completely & just a couple here & there linger? Before the drain cleaner there were quiet a few.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

Good thing you started with the drain, many don't even think about it. Don't just do the kitchen one that said, do all your house drain like that. Also try to keep you fruit or potato bag, onions or any non dried food into the refrigerator in the eradication period. Fruit fly that still hide in some place can lay eggs latter and the whole circus will start again.

You can also catch some by putting a bit of vinegar diluted in watter and add a bit of dish soap. the vinegar smell will attract them and they will get stuck into the soap.

If you still saw them, put those trap in all rooms. They might stay in any humid place where condensation can happen or in humid clothing.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I tried the vinegar & dish soap they did not go down in the bottle or the bowls I had out, I tried it with & without the saranwrap with holes & a paper funnel. I also tried beer the same way. They just hovered over & didn't go in, maybe 1 or 2. The only thing that seems to have worked is the drain cleaner, but I still have seen a couple now & then. I have no fruit at all or potatoes. Should I use the drain cleaner again or some bleach, would there still be a couple lingering for awhile until they die off?
Putting very dilute bleach in the drain should do the trick, but indeed it's something you need to do many time (you may have to do this for a whole week. Also note that some new ones can come from outdoor if you don't have proper window screen.

If it's a recurring problem you could take the habit to put the sink plug when you no longer use it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Would it hurt to use the bleach tonight since I used the drain cleaner last night? I don't want to cause any chemical reaction with gases to harm us. Or should I wait another day?
Yes it's better to wait as the product may still be present in the pipe, also use very diluted bleach when you do. At that state the eggs and larvae are very permeable and don't need much to be killed.

Once they go out from the humid area to pupate (a dark and dry place) they may come again from their hiding 4 day later. When they are flying they only need 12 hours to be able to mate.
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