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We are recently domiciled in FL on April 24, 2011, but flew

Resolved Question:

We are recently domiciled in FL on April 24, 2011, but flew home to our MA residence on May 9. My husband has alzheimer's disease and we surrendered his license to FL as requested by our insurance company after we had returned home to MA. This way he could be taken off our insurance. I did not realize that we should have asked for an id card and did not do so. Now we would like to fly to FL this month and we have no id for him. I read the list of possible id cards that could apply to him and I think the one about an airline or airport issued ID would be a possibliity. How do I go about obtaining this form of ID. Can we do it b efore we go to the airport or will it be possible to do it at the airport. He is 83 and I don't want a hassel/ Thanks you for any information.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 5 years ago.
On the TSA Website, it does show that they will work with you at the airport to try to verify identity (such as with public databases).

Probably the best thing would be to go to the motor vehicle department in your area and ask for an ID card. These can be retrieved at the same location you get a drivers license but it is just used for identification purposes. Since he recently had a license, it would probably not be an issue.

If you happen to have other ID you can take such as a social security card and health insurance card - credit cards of any sort, these can also be used in this situation and they will work with you on this issue. You will be subjected to secondary screening if you don't have a government issued photo ID. But they should let you through security and on board the aircraft so long as you have two forms of ID one of which is government issued (SS card). I say "should" because certain airlines may have company policies that don't allow check in without photo ID. Legally you are allowed through with just those items. I know this because I've worked ticket counters for three different airlines.

Contact your airline directly to ask them what is acceptable. You may consider just picking up a state ID card though to play it safe, it will make the process much much smoother and they usually can print them out on the spot. It will make it easier for you and the ticket agent.

All the best in your travels and I hope it all goes smoothly for you on the trip.
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