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Vehicle purchase question I have two big great danes (tall,

Resolved Question:

Vehicle purchase question: I have two big great danes (tall, 120-135 lbs) and need a vehicle (SUV, station wagon, etc.) that can accommodate them, my wife and our luggage on the occasional 12 hour trip as well as trips to the park, vet, etc. Because the dogs are getting older, the rear lift gate (or similar) cannot be too high; they don't hop like they used to.

It seems the larger SUV's are too tall and the seats don't fold especially flat. I dunno, I'm just kinda at a loss as to what to look at and I'm trying to narrow down the field.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.

there are several vehicles in the MINIVAN category that meet the requirements stated.


the features you may find most appealing is the low side door height and most have removable seats.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Happy to pay for another answer... I need 4x4. And what choices would you recommend outside of the minivan area (the wife hates them)?
Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.

no one really likes minivans (LOL).....but sometimes it just makes sense.


do you require OFF ROAD 4WD.........or would AWD suit???




Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I know what you mean about minivans...


We get some fairly ugly snow (some mud) and travel in some rural areas. Just looking for some ideas (makes, models brands) for when we go looking so we're not going blind into thr process.





Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.

here is a link to EDMUNDS;features:All-wheel%20drive;


here is a link to CROSSOVER's


the problem you are going to have is, 4X4's typically have high ground clearance and, therefore, higher access. one of the things you wanted to avoid.


AWD vehicles, on the other hand, offer excellent bad weather traction and driveability with car-like access for the dogs.



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