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I am on my way on a vacation and forgot to get my sleeping

Resolved Question:

I am on my way on a vacation and forgot to get my sleeping pill and anti-depressant filled. Can I get them filled in another state?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 6 years ago.


If you know the name of the Drug store that has your prescriptions and the phone number the local Pharmacist may be able to have the prescription transfered. This would depend on if they are a controlled medication and whether they can be legally transfered. If you use a Chain Pharmacy, the prescription may be able to be transfered to the pharmacy where you are if it is a Walgreens, CVS or a major chain that is linked by computer there should be no problem. I hope this helps. Joan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I guess I just lost that information.....I have new prescriptions that I just planned to take and get filled along the way (possibly in Georgia). We do not have a pharmacy around here that is a 24 hour one or one that even opens early. Should this be a problem? The medicine is not controlled one---Cymbalta and Ambien. The pharmacy I use here isn't a chain.....thanks for your help!

Expert:  Joan replied 6 years ago.


The Pharmacist can always call your Doctor and get the prescription from him/her and fill them that way. Most Doctors have someone on call for emergencies. If worse come to worse, you can always go to a walk in clinic and see a Doctor and explain the situation and give them your Doctor's name and the Pharmacy where you live. Joan

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