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I have created a template using form fields. As part of this template, icons which have be

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I have created a template using form fields. As part of this template, icons which have been saved into quick parts need to be inserted into an area of the template. Where this occurs, I have inserted a 'building block gallery content control'. In other areas I have inserted 'picture content control'. Now when I protect the template #specifying 'filling in forms' under editing restrictions# XXXXX is fine except I am unable to access quick parts #including the 'building block gallery content control'. Some one said that I would need to go to insert then quick parts, but the icon is not there (ie. just the pull down menu-auto text, document property, field etc. I don't know if I have made myself clear and can send you an example if you wish.
Thank you and kind regards

Form fields and content controls (building block gallery) were not intended to be used together. Use content control in place of formfields and then enclose all of your CCs in one rich text control. Set the rich text control to content can not be edited. This serves to "lock" the text areas of the rich text control while letting you edit the nested controls.

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