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hello, can you pl tell me if this is an authentic hermes birkin bag The seller says the s

Resolved Question:

hello, can you pl tell me if this is an authentic hermes birkin bag? The seller says the serial no is 0 with a square around it and 25S. Thank you very much in advance. The dust bag is not orange so wondering if it's authentic.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  stayathomemomof2 replied 6 years ago.

From all of the information that I have found online in spotting an authentic bag and the fact that this auction still has several days to go (meaning the price could go to where an authentic Hermes Birkin bag should go for) I think that this is more than likely authentic. I will give you my sources though and you can decide for sure what you want to do with the auction. Laughing As the one guide mentions be sure to use PayPal in case the item you get is not the one pictured as some sellers use other people's pictures or any other problems come up. (I once bought something that was never sent to me and PayPal refunded the whole amount back to my account.) The seller's profile looks pretty decent with only one neutral and she is not selling one of these every week which is a point in her favor I would say. The time period is right with the O in the circle for 2011 ( Some of the things that make this appear to be authentic are the keys and lock that are numbered and the cutouts on the inside of the bag ( and The eBay review website also mentions that Current Hermes dustbags as of mid-2007 are tan herringbone toile.

Please let me know if you have any other questions on this handbag. Laughing

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