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I have a RCA RT2910 Home Theater System. The rear speaker

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I have a RCA RT2910 Home Theater System. The rear speaker cables are not long enough. Is it possible to by cables to extend the length? Is there a limiation on how long they can be?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

You can use that kind of wires:
(no need to be branded RCA, any brand will do).

You can use this:
To connect them to your existing wire on the speakers.

Yes there is a limitation on how long they can be as the electrical resistance grow with the length. That said for most room it make no effect. Only if you start to install a system at the other side of the yard signal drop may occur (this can be fixed by using a ticker wire as the resistance is lower the the section area of a wire is bigger).

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Not sure of your answer. Cables are color coded and not "standard speaker wire", look proprietary in nature. Are you sure this will work?
The color i see is a color paired with a black wire. For the back speakers those are red-black and white-black. The wire connector at the back of the RT2910 really look like a normal spring loaded speaker wire connector.

The color might simply be to make it easier to connect. The only thing you need to take care is to maintain the polarity when you connect them. Those wire usually are using a red-black scheme with the red often being a "reddish" plastic when the wire are transparent.
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