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Hello, I have been off work for medical reasons almost nine

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Hello, I have been off work for medical reasons almost nine months. In 2008 and 2009 I was off work 10 months due to medical reasons. In both cases, I had absolutely no income.
I didn't have a large savings, but what I had is about gone. I have filed for disability because none of the many doctors I've seen, know what is wrong with me, so I don't anticipate going back to work. Of course with filing disability, I am limited to how much I am allowed to make. With my medical problems, I cannot leave the house. Ok, my question is, Do you know of any legitimate jobs on the internet that don't require me to be a computer whiz? Jobs that pay money. My current occupation is a medical laboratory technician. I don't think I can utilize that on the internet. Help! Thank you
Hi I think I can help you with this. Could you tell me about your interests, hobbies and computer skills you do have? Also, what have you looked into so far? Laughing
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I don't have to many interests or hobbies as I have have quite a bit of medical problems for the past 8 years and was doing good to make it through 8 hours of work.

I have always liked looking through recipes and what woman doesn't like shopping for a bargain. I enjoy a good meal and a movie. I have always had to pinch a penny, so I'm pretty good at it. I enjoy my 2 daughters, and I think I've been a pretty good mom, since they are turning out so well. I am 53 years old. I am a very good lab tech and many patients and facilities have greatly appreciated my kindness and knowing I care about them.

Now, when it comes to a computer, I don't know alot. Mostly, I have used programs for labs. My daughters though, could teach me what I don't know or need to know.

Thank you


Sorry, I accidentally hit the wrong thig, I do want an answer form stayathomemom

It can be important to find things to do that you actually enjoy and have an interest in. Even though you say you don’t really have interests or hobbies, but it sounds to me you know what you like. Being able to find things to do online that you enjoy will go a long way towards helping you be successful as many of these positions do not require you to work at a certain time or have a boss over your shoulder.
One thing that I have learned from working from home is that it can be helpful to have several difference sources of income, especially when starting out. When it comes to spotting a legitimate offer from the many scams that are out there it is important to really consider several things. One big tipoff if something is a scam is if they ask for money up front. Now, there was one position that was legitimate that I worked that did require some money for one-on-one training, but it was just taken out of my first paycheck and the training was with someone who gave up time to teach me the ropes. Next if it seems to be too good to be true then it probably is. If they are promising you a ton of money then it probably is not a legitimate offer as many work at home (WAH) positions pay by the piece and are not going to make you rich with them. Another thing is if they claim that you will be able to make money doing nothing. In many ways WAH positions can be harder than working outside of the home because the amount you work is the amount you make, especially when working a job that pays by the piece.
With online opportunities I am going to share some of my favorite sources with you. These all have emails that you can sign up for to get notified when they have new information on them and that is what I get. You never know what you might find and I am always on the lookout for new information even though I've got a few opportunities that I love. These two are great blogs that have a lot of information on not getting scammed and finding legitimate jobs. and The people that run these blogs are great and I have been following them for a while with great results. The one talks about affiliate marketing and even has a job pdf you can get for like $7.00 that he updates for free all the time with legitimate companies that use online workers. The other two are more like a job database kind of thing - and Remember when looking at opportunities to take them with a grain of salt and do your research on the company!
One article writing website that you might find interesting if you want to try your hand at writing (from your posts I think you could do it!) is They are really easy to work with and break down their articles by subject with all different topics, including shopping. I am a little partial to the travel articles because I like being able to research an exotic place and tell others about it. They pay by PayPal (which is something that many of these companies do) and is also something you should check out if you plan on working online.
If you are interested in simple data entry you can try All you have to do for this is to type what you see in the box. It is not hard to do, but it can take a while to be hired for them depending on their workload. If you need to work on your typing skills there are plenty of websites that offer free typing tests and even lessons.
Another option that you have is to do transcription, with your prior medical experience this might be a good option for you. You can start with ( or Quicktate ( as these companies do not require experience with transcription. You can see if this is something you enjoy and perhaps be able to take your previous experience in the medical field and work as a medical transcriptionist.

Since you enjoy shopping for a good bargain perhaps selling on eBay could be an option for you as well. There are a lot of sources out there on eBay's website and other places that can help get you up and running.
One good source you have is your local library. Often libraries have books, programs, classes and other resources that can help you in your quest to work from home for free or a reduced cost.
I hope that I have imparted all of my wisdom for you that I have gotten in the three years since I have stayed at home to be with my sons due to the expense of childcare (not to mention the horror stories). Please let me know if you need any more information on the above or other options available to you.

Your satisfaction is my goal. Contact me if you feel that I did not reach that goal! A tip is a wonderful way to say that I did a great job. If you want to request me for future work you can write stayathomemomof2 in the front of your question title. Thanks!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you very much. It looks like you have given me plenty of places to start.


I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Our school system requires summer homework. My daughter was working very studiously and I did not want to interrupt her.


Thank's again