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Would American companies do more good by refusing to cooperate

Resolved Question:

Would American companies do more good by refusing to cooperate with Chinese authorities (and risk not being able to do business in China) or by cooperating and working gradually to spread Internet freedom?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

It's better that they refuse to cooperate. The American way of bringing democracy we see since many years is very colonialist, freedom need to start from the inside.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you..
so what about, What are the pros and cons of occupational licensure in general?
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Occupational licensing is something else.

The pro is that it protect the public in general from bad professionals and charlatans. The con is that it's a form of conflict of interest as it does not promote competition at the level it would be without it. It's very tempting to make the barrier very high to prevent accession just to maintain higher wages for those already in.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Martin.. would you be able to help me with this questions..
I need this by saturday 7/23/2011 befor 11:00 pm..
I had ask this question to many times since monday, but i haven got any reply, since you had helped mebefor. i thought you can help me with this questions to...
i will give extra bomus for this questions..

1.) Plot the point given in the problem. (Pay attention to scale.)
(-75, 0)

3.)Graph the line.

4.)Graph the following first-degree inequality in two unknowns.


5.) Solve the exponential equation. Give the exact value for x. (Express all logarithmic functions in terms of ln(x) in your answer.)

(a) e^x = 14 x =
(b) e^x = 1.7 x =
(c) e^x = 37.6 x =

7.) Find the functional values requested in the problem.

(a) h(0) =

(b) h(-10) =

8.)An artifact was found and tested for its carbon-14 content. If 77% of the original carbon-14 was still present, what is its probable age (to the nearest 100 years)? Use that carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years.
9.) If possible, completely factor the expression. (If the polynomial is not factorable using integers, enter PRIME.)

10.) Solve the equation. (Enter solutions from smallest to largest. If there is no solution, enter NONE in the answer boxes.)
x^2 - 5x + 5 = 0

x =

x =
11.–/2 pointsSmithMath1 11.5.026.CMI.My Notes |
Draw the graph.

12.) The atmospheric pressure P in pounds per square inch (psi) is given by the formula below, where a is the altitude above sea level (in miles). If a city has an atmospheric pressure of 13.25 psi, what is its altitude? (Recall that 1 mi = 5,280 ft. Round your answer to the nearest foot.)

p = 14.7e^-0.21a

= ft

14.) Solve the system.
{(x-4y =-5
{ 9x-8y=-17


15.) Write the expression in terms of common logarithms, and then give a calculator approximation (correct to four decimal places).


16.)Use the definition of logarithm in to simplify each expression.

(a) log5b(5b)

(b) log9b(9b)^5

(c) log10b(10b)^-9

17.)Simplify the expression.

(6x-1)(x^2+3x-3) =

18.)The combined area of New York and California is 204,192 square miles. The area of California is 108,530 square miles more than that of New York. Find the land area of each state.

CA, mi2

NY, mi2

19.) Solve the equations.

(19a) 2D + 3 = 13
D =

(19b) 12E - 3 = 0
E =
20.)Consider the following expression.

(x+3y-5z)- (x-2y+2z)

(20a) Simplify the expression.

(20b) Classify the answer by number of terms.


(20c) Classify the answer by degree.

1st Degree
2nd Degree

21.) The velocity v (in feet per second) of a rock dropped into a well is related to time (in seconds) by the formula v = 32t. What is the velocity of the rock at the indicated instant? Write your answer in the form (t, v).

(21a) when the rock is released
( , )

(21b) after 4 seconds
( , )
22.)Two persons are to run a race, but one can run 10 meters per second, whereas the other can run 6 meters per second. If the slower runner has a 70-meter head start, how long will it be before the faster runner catches the slower runner, if they begin at the same time?


23.)If you drive 253 miles on 11 1/2 gallons of gas, what is the simplified ratio of miles to gallons?

= to 1

26.) Contract the expressions. That is, use the properties of logarithms to write each expression as a single logarithm with a coefficient of 1.

(26a) ln(3)- 2 ln(4)+ ln(8) =

(26b) ln(3) - 2 ln(4+8) =

(26c) ln(3) - 2 (ln(4)+ln(8)) =

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