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I have lived at my current address for forty years. Now when

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I have lived at my current address for forty years. Now when I order anything that needs my address on it it comes back saying my address is incorrect. Even ordering a pizza they say my address is wrong. I tried to order supplies from the postal service and even the postal service said my address was incomplete. I discussed this with our postmaster and even took print outs from you to him and he said he could not help me. How can the postal service not know this is my address when you gave it to me. My address is and has been Carol
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I am sorry to see the question was not took before. I advise you to contact your municipality/city to see if they have a mismatch in their database.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Doesn't the postal service have a way to check my address? Do I contact the city of Chambersburg or the city of Scotland? I was hoping for a more definative answer then this one.
Postal service use the data from the cities. For example if you build a house, you would get a permit from the town and the address will then propagate from there up to the post office and Google map. If you want to get it fix you need to verify from the bottom what happened. Go to the city where you would get a constructing permit.
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