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Having trouble deciding which suit to purchase for our wedding.

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Having trouble deciding which suit to purchase for our wedding. Fiancee won't show me her gown, so I can find something that matches. Two additional factors are at play: (1) Environment: we intend to be married upon the Eternity Bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park; and (2) I had a vision that I would be reincarnated in China, seven times within the next 1000+ years. So do I select a Chinese suit, Japanese suit, a traditional suit/tuxedo, or something else? (I would like something for us to remember my selection by, but I don't think it is worth going the expensive route. Oh, if it matters, I'm caucasian, 6' tall, 60ish, and relatively universal in mindset as opposed to cultural. Fiancee interested in a traditional wedding, so I thought up the idea of a Catholic priest solemnizing our vows on top of the Eternity Bridge. I felt it was more me to be married in the Japanese Tea Garden than in a Church.) Oh, and (3), our vows. I truly believe in a God. In fact, as a writer, I theorized a reasoned universe based in small part on a mathematical expression and in large part on Logical proofs. Then, scientists of varying disciplines proved in theory that a reasoned universe also beginning from a non-dimensional point is true; although, their proofs are entirely empirical (mathematical and scientific with regard to the pixelation of matter. Question is, how do I incorporate my beliefs into my vows wen my beliefs include that I am merely a cog, an imaginary cog at that, within a much grander cogwheel of life? I mean death and dying are, at least in belief, almost meaningless to a pragmatic mind as is that of my fiancee? My next book is beyond empircism, so no scientists will venture here. It essentially shows that the universe is purposed, by God, for a specific reason. How do I incorporate my beliefs into my vows without defying the parameters of tradition and simplicity?
Hello, and welcome back to Just Answer.

Personally, I prefer traditional, so I would recommend a dark suit or tuxedo, for you, with a white shirt and a matching, elegant tie of your choice. If your fiancee's wedding gown is white or ivory and in a traditional style, this will look great together.

I LOVE your choice of the eternity bridge; very romantic and meaningful for you!

As far as the vows, you can include your 'main' beliefs (don't make it too long), but incorporate your love for the woman you are marrying and want to spend eternity with, in relation to those beliefs. If it is your belief that "the universe is purposed, by God, for a specific reason", make part of that reason how/why you two met, fell in love and are now marrying, as part of God's plan for you both. Expound upon the reasons why you love her and how you have become a better man since being with her and why she is the one with whom you want to spend eternity.

I wish you much good luck and congratulations, and hope your wedding will be beautiful!

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