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hi...once in a while i come across these discarded brown shells

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hi...once in a while i come across these discarded brown shells while cleaning. they are from an insect and are about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. sometimes one will be moving, but usually when i come across one it is empty....

i am wondering what type of insect hatches from these?....thank you for letting me know.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

Do you have a photo of those? In what area do you usually find this (more in the basement)?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

hi...mostly on clothing, when cleaning a closet, usually on a wool item, but sometimes they are on floor or anywhere...they are too small for my camera to take a good pic of--they look like snakeskin, something a snake would discard only a lot lot smaller---only insects i've personally come across are house centipedes--they are big and hatch live, and spiders...but we seem to have these small black beetles around too---but the beetles are more round, these shells are long.....

if not the beetles, am wondering what hatches from them? or do they remain the same, don't change and just shed outer layers of "shell" every now and then?

thank you

It's hard to tell without picture but as you mention wool, you might have Dermestes lardarius

The larva shed it's skin and this may be what you find. They live from eating fat or protein (like wool or skin dust).
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