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I cannot use my scanner. Im supposed to click on Printers

Resolved Question:

I cannot use my scanner.

I'm supposed to click on "Printers" and an item "Dell 926 All in one printer" shows up.

I then click on it and the scan screen appears.

When I click on "Printers" there is no "Dell 926 All in one" Item.

NOTE: I have had printer interface problems that have thankfully been fixed. Perhaps
during one of the repairs the scanner got deleted.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  PATRICIA replied 6 years ago.

Hello wfc2hi2n, there are a couple of different techniques you can try. You can try to download the printer driver. You can go to the following website: amp;SystemID=PRN_ALL_A926&servicetag=&os=WLH&osl=en&deviceid=11934&devlib=0&typecnt=0&vercnt=1&catid=-1&impid=-1&formatcnt=2&libid=40&fileid=224511


If you have the CD that came with the printer, you can try installing it again.

You can also try to unplug the printer, then plug it back, connect the USB to your computer , and restart your computer. If you computer has all the updated software, it should find new hardware, (which would be the printer).


If that does not work, you can try going to your computer and clicking on Windows printer/scan if you are working with Windows 7, if you have XP, try going to scanners/cameras, and you can scan that way. This is an alternative way to scan which is what I use sometimes, when it gets frustrating with my ALL-IN-ONE equipment.

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