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Is there any way to repair a bent wheel on the molded plastic

Resolved Question:

Is there any way to repair a bent wheel on the molded plastic wagons meant for toddlers ? These are not cheap wagons--First Step and other top line manufacturers make them. The wheels appear to be inserted independently on medium weight wire. My heavy weight son sat in the wagon soon after we got it. The wheels are splayed out and the wagon is esentially useless. Any suggestions ?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  TaxTom replied 6 years ago.

TaxTom :

Hello, The only option is to take the plastic wheels and bore them out and insert metal bushings which are available at a hardware sttore. You should be able to get replacement metals wheels at a hardware store or a lawn mower shop. Most of those wheels were 10" and the same size wheels were used on a garden tiller.Thanks Tom


So sorry that my wording was not clear. It is not the wheel that bends, but the wire. It is supposed to act as axle but is not connected to the other side. Also, the wire is not nearly strong enough.

TaxTom :

Hello again, I would replace the metal rod with either all-thread or a larger metal rod. With all-thread you can use locknuts which are easier to work with then the push on pal nuts. You will need to bore out the wheels and the support bracket to take the larger rod. since are redesigning the unit I would also put in the metal bushings in the wheels to give them more support. Thanks Tom


Thanks for the effort, Tom. I don't think you have ever seen a wagon like this or truly understand the problem. There is no support bracket--I don't think--but the inner workings are all enclosed in the molded body of the wagon. Thanks for trying.

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