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Family Physician
Family Physician, Internet Researcher
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I am looking to take an online course in Medical transcription.

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I am looking to take an online course in Medical transcription. I want to work from home as well. I am curious if you know the good and the bad schools. I have been looking at career step and future mt. The future mt is very reasonably priced. C areer steps is a lot more expensive. Are there any other schools I should be looking at? Any advise you could give would be appreciated. Thank you.

Patty Farhat

Medical transcription is a great work at home option. Did you know that there are companies that hire individuals without experience for non-medical transcription? I am familiar with both of these particular companies - Quicktate/iDictate and Scribie. Here are the links for these - and This could be a good way for you to determine if you want to do transcription and start earning now. Although I know that it can take a moment to be tested and hired. Now with the schools it sounds as though you have really started to do your homework on them.

One thing I always like to do when looking into things is to see what others are saying. Here are some reviews for Career Steps -,, and Future MT - To be honest after just looking at the results that come up with Future MT reviews I have my doubts on this one. When one of the first websites is just about their affiliate program (how much they pay to people that send others to their website) and the next is I have some big doubts about it. I have learned the hard way that the BBB is not always the best source and that it is important to look at others as well. I got taken by a company that had a B rating so as they say with a grain of salt. Another option you can look at is my alma mater, Kaplan. They offer an associates degree which again the cost is going to be high, but you have financial aid options - Another option you have is vocational programs in your area if you are interested in classroom learning at all. Some may offer an online program in addition to regular classes. The ultimate decision is up to you of course, but I have to say that Career Step is a good option for you.

Please let me know if you need any more information! Laughing

stayathomemomof2, Internet Researcher
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I would like to add some suggestions to the answer provided by the other expert.

Before you make a decision to pay large sums of money for an online medical transcription program of questionable quality, I would suggest checking with your local community college or Career & Technology (Vo-Tech) school.

These programs are generally cheaper (since they are operated as non-profit insitutions rather than as a profit making business). A local program is also more likely to give you local contacts with hospitals and doctors who may be interested in hiring you after graduation.

Additionally, you would benefit from a program that is regionally accredited (as most community colleges) since your credits would transfer if you eventually wanted to get a degree, rather than just a certificate.
Family Physician, Internet Researcher
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 12816
Experience: Researching answers to questions online for 20+ years.
Family Physician and 43 other General Specialists are ready to help you