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Hello, I hope you can research this and help me. My son had

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I hope you can research this and help me.
My son had his car registered in PA when he blived here with us in 2007-2008.
He moved to MD and paid off the car, but did not receive the Title.
He received the "lien release" but can not find it.
So I don't know how to get the Title or a copy of it.

The car has stayed in PA, without insurance or tags and not in use.
At this time he would like to donate the car, but must get a title.
On June 2,2011 I sent this information (with the fee) for a copy of the title, hoping that it may be in PA, because that is where it was last registered.

I have not received any thing back from DMV in PA. I don't know what to do from here.
Can you help me?
I am anxious to get his car out of my driveway.
Thank you so much for your assistance.

Did you fill out a certain form or just sent a letter to them? I found form MV-38O which is for a lost/missing title. On the instruction sheet it mentions a car that had a lien release on it. From the sound of this you need to contact the company that had the lien on the car to verify if they have the title still. If not then you have to have them fill out a portion of this form. I have a feeling that may be what is holding the information that you sent up. Here is the form with the instructions -

Please let me know if you need any further information on this issue. Laughing

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

On June 2, I sent the MV-38 0 "application for duplicate certificate of Title", with the letter that explained the situation. I included the fee of $22.50 for the copy of the Title.

I haven't received any information from DMV.

I was hoping that they would give me some response. Or at least send back the check if they can't help me.

My question was really, "Who has it?" MD or PA?

Are you saying that maybe neither has it? That I need to go to the dealership that my son bought the car from?

I'm happy to try that. I wonder how long they keep records of sale.

Do you think PA DMV will send back my Check if they don't have the title or did I just waste the money?

I do not believe they will cash the check if they do not send you the title. That would be a very poor business practice. They will probably either send it back to you or shred it if they do not provide a replacement title. Did you fill out the section that says "Satisfaction of Lien and Lienholder Notarization" with any information (as that is the section that the previous lienholder would have to fill out)? I don't think either MD or PA has it. It would actually be the title company that would have it and normally when the lien is up they send it to the owner. Did he maybe have a co-signer that they might have sent it to? You can go to the dealership to find out who the lien was through (them or a finance company). That would probably be your best bet. If you they do not have it I would make sure to take a blank MV-38 O form to them so they can either fill it out or fax it over to the finance company. I can't believe that the DMV haven't contacted you yet to let you know if they had a problem with this. I can't image they have such a backlog that they haven't gotten to it. Since they have not contacted you yet you can always try to call them to find out the status at 1-800-932-4600 (if you haven't already tried this). This is their customer service number according the website.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

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