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1) i am painting a room and i had a leak in the roof and the

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1) i am painting a room and i had a leak in the roof and the paint (where the wall joins to the roof) is sloughing or bubbled, do I remove that? and if so how do I make it look smooth again there will be a ridge?

2) i am painting the ceiling and do I need to use ceiling white or does any latex work? and whats the difference?
We had the same issue. Make sure the leak is fixed. Then scape the bubbled paint off. Spackle the area with drywall mud. Then sand it down smooth. You should be able to apply the paint now. For the ceiling we have always used the same paint we use on the wall, but if you want to texture the ceiling you may want to use ceiling paint. You can always talk with the paint specialist at your local DIY place to see what they recommend for textured ceilings.
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Thank you for the feedback. I did some research about the ceiling paint and there is actually special paint for doing textured ceilings that have something in them that make the texture. There are also special ceiling paint that is for ceilings that already have texture to them. Since you are painting with texture I would not use the regular latex paint as it could pull off the previous layer of texture paint.

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