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Kim D.
Kim D., Consultant
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I am selling my full-size antique wicker pram in my garage

Resolved Question:

I am selling my full-size antique wicker pram in my garage sale 5/11/11, since I understand wicker has lost value in recent years, and dealers have trouble getting rid of existing inventory. The pram is in fair condition, since it has been in storage for 36 years. I purchased it in 1975 for $100. What is a fair price to ask now? I have a photo available to forward (confirm receipt when received). Thanks! Jane
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

The photograph did not attach. Will you try again? Here are some simple directions below for a few options


Wicker perambulators are having trouble on the market today. There are some enthusiast sites that are mostly in England that may draw more interest but lets see the date of this and its issues and we will see what it might bring. Dori


The paper clip tool on the tool bar is one option for graphics. If the image is too large you might try my favorite site for images, photobucket. It is free and easy to use. Here are some simple directions.


Upload your image to the free photo sharing site photobucket and create an album. Return here and give me your non email user name and password XXXXX I can easily go to your album. PS User names must not be email passwords but a word or numbers as JA will not allow emails to be seen in these text boxes.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I need to be somewhere right now. Didn't think this would take so much time. I'll try to attach the photo. If it doesn't work, I'll have to come back to my computer later. Am I able to continue this discussion with you later? Please confirm. Jane


Postnote: I just received a message my file was too large. (I tried twice)...

Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

so sorry this didn't take. I work the most with photobucket because of these issues. It is free and easy to use and takes all size images.


I would be happy to help you later. Whenever you can return. I am (probably one of the few) experts in baby carriages as I have written about them and developed exhibits around them! Who would have thought! So I was very interested in what you have.


I am going on vacation tomorrow until the 17th. I can poke in and out this week and see if you have a photobucket image but our graphics tools are currently being worked on as they are too restrictive. (You aren't the only frustrated customer,,I have lost too many to image issues.) That being said. We can also reconnect with a new post after the 17th - just put my name in the question (Dori - I have my pram image etc...) Truly I would rather not make you wait if you are anxious to get this information and will keep an eye on the site for your inquiry.


I would be happy to do a general over view of values but if you do not know the date and I can not see the condition issues, that wont help us much as date and condition are key to pram sales.


So lets try an image..if that doesn't work, we will go with a good description (hooded, color, type of wheel etc? date that you know?) But I am a hands on expert so I really like images best as they tell me so much.


Here is one other option if this works better for you. Many people like this tool too..Dori


TinyPic is a good place to upload photos. You do have to have the images saved on your computer, but you can upload photos without having to register or give them any information.

1) Go to
2) The first thing you'll see is an upload page.
3) Click on "Browse".
4) Choose the image you want to upload.
5) Make sure the file type chosen is "Image".
6) In the "Resize" box, choose either "Website/Email" or "Message Board".
7) Click "Upload Now".

You'll see a verification box pop up. Just type in the words it shows and click "upload now". It might take a few minutes to upload.

Once it does, you'll be given 4 different viewing options.

Just copy either the addresses in the "URL for E-Mail & IM" or "Direct Link for Layouts" and paste the link into the message box.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Dori, I'm sorry the photo couldn't be uploaded, after I took 40 minutes to find it on my computer and attempt to send it to you! The pram has a lovely adjustable "brimmed" hood, is an off-white/ecru wicker, has large metal wheels, and some wood on the handle. There is a "storage compartment" below, accessible from the inside. It does not have a cushion or other amenities. If I knew you were available to help me, I would stay up to follow your detailed directions for using (It is 11:30PM CST). I'm afraid if I'm not able to get help before my sale, I'll have to ask for my deposit back. If I have no offers for the pram, then I'll consider working with you again. You get back from vacation on the 17th, the day I'm preparing for out-of-town company on the 18th. The timing isn't working in our favor... Jane
Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

No problem. What you have is most likely a c. 1915-1920 example judging from your description of the color and the hood. These are fun carriages but are not as rare as the 19th century ones that had exotic and fascinating designs. These hooded examples with the compartment below, as you would expect, are easy to find on the market..just due to how common they were at the time and how durable these were. If it were a Heywood Wakefield it would be worth more (250-300.00) as those are more collectible but without an image it is hard to tell and their labels often are gone by now. This example would have a value in the range of 100.00-125.00 but I have seen them sell most often in the range of 75.00 in the last 7 years.


I would suggest if you are having a sale that you price it at 100.00 and if someone has interest and is trouble by that number that you bring it down 10 or 15 decide.


If it has any noticeable damage, paint loss etc. you will have to expect to start at 75.00 and bring it down a bit depending on the glaring nature of the issues. (These are just too common and not collectible enough..due to their size to really push the price..unless of course you are willing to take it home and sell it another day.)


I hope I answered your questions. I wish we had an image but I think this is what you need right now and I wanted to help you swiftly. Please return with any more questions that you have after the 17th or 18th. I would be happy to help. I am sorry if it might be too late for your sale but I am online daily after that time. Just put my name in the inquiry (Dori I have a...) and I will easily be able to find it. (I handle everything from furniture to fine art! So please come back)


Of course, I will check my email daily so if you need clarity on the pram, I will try to weigh in this week.


Best wishes, Dori

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