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Firearms ... I have a 22 cal Colt Diamondback handgun. (22

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Firearms ... I have a 22 cal Colt Diamondback handgun. (22 cal version of the 357 Colt Python)... it has been in storage for several years... I took it out a month ago and was disappointed in that there was a spot about the size of a quarter that was no longer smooth... sort of like a slight rust... I cleaned it up as best as I could with solvent and gun oil... my question is .. Where would you recommend I go to have it refinished? I looked in the yelow pages and on computer for local gunsmiths... most are pawn shops and gun sales shops... I wouldn't know a good one from a bad one. Is there a place you'd recommend that is reasonably priced that I can ship the handgun to... (Is it legal to ship a handgun to a gunsmith and then back to me?) Is there something I should do locally (Jacksonville, Fl) to try and find out who is a real gunsmith and not a pawn broker (names can be misleading) ? Is there a list of certified gunsmiths? Any help would be appreciated...
You can check out Colt's web page on repairs here - This web page lists the steps that are involved with this process, including shipping instructions. They will repair it in the factory if it is something that is covered by their warranties. If it is not covered they will send you an estimate of how much it will cost to be repaired. If you are sending the gun for repair to a gunsmith you are unable to use the US Postal Service, but you can send it through UPS or FedEx. Be sure to check with them about any restrictions or regulations you need to know about before shipping. The best way to find a reputable gunsmith in your area is to look into reviews of places that you are thinking of using, but I would check with Colt before looking into other gunsmiths. It may be a covered service which will save you money or you may have to pay some out of pocket, but you know that you are getting it taken care of by the manufacturer. If they are too high priced then you probably should think about looking into a gunsmith.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for the information... it was helpful... the hyperlink you provided showed me the Colt Factory rep. store... It is not far from my home and I think I'll go there first. If they are the manufacturers rep they must be doing somethings right...


If I am not happy with the local store I can always work directly with the manufacturer...



thank you

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