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I have been very successful with my six orchid plants. They

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I have been very successful with my six orchid plants. They are in a room with filtered sun. I water when dry. They flower often. This morning I found the entire stem of flowers on one plant dead. Yesterday they were fine. The leaves are shiney and healthy looking. What happened????
If I am reading this correctly the leaves are still healthy on the orchid, but the flowers have died? What color did the dead portions turn, yellow or black? You mention filtered sun and water, but do you feed your orchids as well?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I feed them about once a month. The flowers (originally white and purple) have turned blackish. I've had these plants for 2 -3 yrs. and haven't done anything different.
This is not something I have experienced before in the exact manner, but I did some research for you. It could be a few things, but with it happening overnight I am leaning more towards a temperature fluctuation of some kind. Temperature changes can stress the plants and make healthy flowers wilt and die. Also, be on the look out for a gas leak if you keep your plants in the kitchen or if you have fruit nearby. As fruit ripens it releases a gas that can cause your flowers to die as well. If you see black spots on the flower it could be a fungus, but I'm thinking since it happened just over night to only one that this is the least likely cause. One other thing one of the websites that I personally use mentions that you should fertilize your plants every other week.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm leaning towards fungus....that's what it looks like. Maybe not enough drainage in glass container...have small rocks at holes.
In that case it might be Botrytris, which is a fungus that is from too much moisture and not enough air circulation. Hope you will be able to fix your issue before any other plants are affected.