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watch Russin dive watch

Customer Question

I sent a question already...WHERE IS IT....!!

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
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OK..I will do it again..

I have a Russian dive watch
it is as follows....

On the back its in Russian writing
on the front it has a diver ina circle w/ water waves & the word "Boctok".
its hand winding...heavey weight with date window
it has a Bezel w/ a large RED dot and 4 smaller red dots.
and 7 black dots. All the dots have a line inbetween the dots eather red or black. It also has lumminus dots the only numbers are 12,9,& 6
with the date window at the 3-O'clock It has the Boctok symble which is a "B" in a small circle above the "6" O'clock
Expert:  stayathomemomof2 replied 6 years ago.

Boctok, otherwise known as the Vostok Watch Factory, started making navy wristwatches back during WWII for the Soviet Army. They become the official supplier of watches for the Ministry of Defense of the Soviet Union in 1965. I found this website with a picture of a watch that seems to match what you are describing - Does this clear up your question or is there something else you would like to know about this watch?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
how much is the watch worth ?
Expert:  stayathomemomof2 replied 6 years ago.
Now the exact worth of your watch will be based on things such as how old it is and the condition that it is in. A brand new Blue Scuba Dude Amphibian watch goes for about $40 to $90. They are very popular with divers and collectors for being high quality at a very reasonable price. Many of the vintage Vostok watches for sale online are going for about $20 to $100. I know you probably want an exact amount for your particular watch so I did find a website that offers a free watch appraisal by phone. It is and you can try this out if you would like. Other options to help you with getting a more exact value for your watch is to visit a jewelry appraiser, pawn shop, antique dealer, and your local library may have sources as well.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

****This watch looks spot-on.****...except the face is a

(lite-gold color)--or--(light copper).not that blue color does that make a differnce

Expert:  stayathomemomof2 replied 6 years ago.
I did find that variation on eBay and it is going for about $70.00 on there. So the information I have given you so far is probably the same for the gold variation of this watch. There are individuals out there that are crazy about Russian watches here is a great forum I found during my research for you - One thing that I did find is that the "diver dude" watches are very popular with collectors and sell off quickly because I guess they are not always in production.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thanks for the help.........

At first I had to jump thru hoops to just get an answer....

They were telling me that I had to pay 40.00 to get my answer....

When I sign up I recieved the unlimited for a month.......

except for the tip......

.right ....?

Expert:  stayathomemomof2 replied 6 years ago.
I'm glad that I could be of help for your watch question. Honestly, I'm pretty new to the website and have never used it to ask a question. I think the best source for you to find out about the subscription package is to contact Just Answer at the contact us link on the website. They should be able to address any issues you may have with that.