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A 0.058 kg aluminum bullet traveling at 489 m/s strikes an

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A 0.058 kg aluminum bullet traveling at 489 m/s strikes an armor plate and comes to a stop. If all its energy is converted to heat that is absorbed by the bullet, what is the bullet's temperature change in degrees Celsius?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

We first need to find the kinetic energy in the bullet just before the impact.

Q = (1/2)*mvˆ2 = 0.5 * 0.058 * 489ˆ2 = 6934.5 Joule

Specific heat (c) of aluminum is 900 J(Kg*degree_Celcius)

The temperature delta = Q/(mc) = 6934/(0.058*900) = 132.84 Celcius.
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