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TaxTom, Internet Researcher
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Dear Tax Tom, Small Engine Technician Thanks for the good

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Dear Tax Tom, Small Engine Technician

Thanks for the good help last year. My new question also relates to my Husqvana Hydrostatic YTH 150 lawn tractor with a Kohler Command 15 engine.

The last two times I have used the tractor the same thing happened. After running for 45 minutes or so, I shut the tractor off to remove a tree branch or a kid's toy from the lawn. After 2 or 3 minutes I return to the tractor, and it won't start. It won't even acknowledge that I'm there. The battery is new and seemed fully charged when I started the tractor at the start of the work. A year ago, as you pointed out, I did the dumb thing of leaving the cutting blades engaged and so the engine wouldn't turn over. (It did give an electrical click sound though.) Now, I'm careful to keep the blades dis-engaged. When I twist the key, it does nothing. No click, no headlights, no grunt, no attempt to turn the engine . I come back the next day, and it starts right up like nothing was ever wrong. This same sequence has happened twice. What's up? Am I doing something dumb again, or id it more interesting than that? Thanks, David

TaxTom :

Hello, It sounds like a safety switch. The most likely choice is the neutral safety switch but it doesn't make sense that sitting cures the problem. You can try shifting the lever to forward and back to neutral and try starting. You can also try shifting while turning the key (difficult but possible) and see if you can find a position where tries to turn over. The other possibilty is that you have a starter going bad or enough corrosion on the battery that the voltage drops when it gets hot. You can clean the battery connections and if it is new battery lightly sand the post for a better conection.This next part sound strange but turn the engine by hand counter clockwise until it stops, you are taking it off compression and it will have less resistance to start. It may be a problem that needs to get worse before it can be properly solved.Thanks Tom


I cleaned and sanded battery terminals when I installed new battery. Should I do the same where cables connect to frame and starter? The connection at starter looked aged and tired but didn't have acid junk as forms at the battery. I left it alone. Can't easily see where the ground cables connects to frame.


Where do I grab it to turn the engine counterclockwise?

TaxTom :

I doubt the problerm is on the starter end. I beleive your flywheel screen is not covered and you can actually turn it with the flywheel screen.

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