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after years of buying dprescription drugs online a realtive,

Resolved Question:

after years of buying dprescription drugs online a realtive, the only one left overdosed the 4th time. He was depressed and used drugs- Soma a muscle relaxant and xanex, taking them in large quanities to just escape.
I confiscated the last shipment of 400 pills from the mail when I was there taking care of his home and animals while he was in the hospital for overdosing, once was supposedly a package of pet supplies.
I called drug and task force, and the DA but they had answer to stop it unless he was caught using unprescribed pills while driving.The hospital wanted nothing to do with it by the way. They said he needed rehab but he refuses it so he is always released.
So I bought pills to local police and they questioned him at his home and he admitted buying once, (fact is its been goin on 10 hellish years.)
So now what. cops say we will report it to post office , Da maybe higher? They were unsure what to do?
They said maybe he will face jail but I cant see that when he is in and out of hospital in last month alone for drug overdoses.NOT selling.
My hope was mandated drug rehab ? Of course I am hated for this but there was nothing else to try and no one to turn to, and he recently got worse, and shut me out saying I was the fault of all lifes problems.
Its painful, I only wanted to help but jail thats not the answer. What is the likley outcome? why is this internet no rx neeeded prescription abuse problem not known about? or is it? This is an adult by the way. Sorry I am rambling!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Family Physician replied 6 years ago.
I'm sorry to say that your situation is not unique. The internet has made the illegal purchase of drugs. While there are hundreds or thousands of such illegal transactions intercepted daily, many of these packages go through despite ongoing attempts to locate and shut down these operations.

I applaud you for taking the time to report your family member. WIthout family/friends taking these steps, we will never change this pattern of prescription drug abuse. I wish I could give you some "answer" to how this will all end, but you can be reassured that there are prosecutions and legal actions taken against such illegal operations on a regular basis.
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