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Ive been thinking about upgrading my TV and DVD equipment

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I’ve been thinking about upgrading my TV and DVD equipment to take advantage of my Comcast service and higher quality DVDs. I now have a Sony Bravia KDL-V32XBR1 720 bpi LCD TV purchased in 2005 and an old VCR-DVD player. I get Netflix through the mail. I am considering going to a 1080 bpi TV but still only 32 in. screen and also replacing the VCR-DVD with a Blue Ray unit that can record and stream movies from Netflix. I was told by Comcast and a TV salesman that Comcast transmits a 1080 signal but this is 1080p rather than 1080i (or perhaps the reverse) and that I wouldn’t really notice the full improvement the TV is capable of delivering for regular programming. So my question is—would the upgrade be noticeably better and worth the upgrade cost. I think the upgraded DVD and streaming device would be appropriate as I could reduce the Netflix monthly cost. What advice can you offer.

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I agree with the TV salesman that you really are not going to notice the full improvement from 720 to 1080 for regular programming. The real advantage of the 1080p is when you are watching HD DVD and the Blu-Ray discs. This would go along with your thinking in ditching the VCR-DVD and purchasing the Blu-Ray unit.


So to answer your question, the upgrade would be noticeably better and well worth the cost if you are going to be watching HD DVD and Blu-Ray discs. On a side note, I just purchased a Vizio 47" 1080 HDTV and the picture resolution compared to regular programming is excellent.


Im sure that you will pleased with the resuls if you upgrade as planned.


Feel free to post any follow-up questions you may have.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Would i see any picture improvement in my current TV if I just shanging out the DVD player to the Blueray unit?

You will see a definite improvement by upgrading to the Blu-Ray unit. The 720 is actually very good for the 32" size screen you have. It may be worth purchasing the Blu-Ray unit and seeing how it performs with your current TV. You may be happy and not need to purchase the 1080.

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