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I have interview today , It will be by Skype by video conferencing

Resolved Question:

I have interview today ,
It will be by Skype by video conferencing ,
what should I do to be accepted ?
It will be to an technology field

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

This is always a tricky and uncomfortable situation as you are being seen but not in person. I would be very detailed and careful about where you are sitting in your home, what is behind and around you, have animals or family away or outside as this will be judged as well as your presentation of self.


Your clothing should be no different than if you were being interviewed on site, professional shirt and dress...light colored as this technology darkens your face and all around you. Usually a camera angle from below is not very appealing and makes the sitter look heavy or odd so make sure you are sitting straight and on camera correctly.


Other than that, make sure that you do not give the impression that you are home and act like you would when you are alone in that space. This is an interview so your home now needs to be a "professional" space while you are being interviewed. No evidence of personal belongings or attire should be seen even if the technology company is a young start up with hip players. Remember this is an interview and interviews are always clean and professional even if you are discussing your "hip" experience in the past.


Keep it professional, show them your unique assets and you will do fine.


Best wishes, Dori


PS Please remember to press accept as this is the only way JA pays its experts for their time and expertise! Thank you.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It will not be at my home at all .
It will in excellent place so the background will be okay .

I have question : should I look at the camera all the time ?
or look at the camera some time and to the screen to see him another time ?

If you could explain this and the situation similar to this .

Expert:  Kim D. replied 6 years ago.

Great. This will make a big difference to be out of the home.


I would suggest that eye contact is always crucial in person or on a computer. It is very confusing but remember they are thinking about this as an in person interaction and this eye contact shows confidence and long as it isn't creepy of course...natural but consistent :)


Dont over think it but looking away or at a paper is hard to connect to and remember these are people that you want to develop a relationship with eventually and eye contact is key.


If the situation warns it and you are very might mention in a natural way that speaking on camera is not your forte...if you are a technology person, they are interested in your abilities not your camera charm...In fact, they might appreciate your sincerity and it will break the uncomfortableness of the situation.

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