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I have mens Cartier Tank Francaise Chronograph watch. I just

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I have mens Cartier Tank Francaise Chronograph watch. I just changed the battery and the central sweep second hand is at the 2 o'clock position (low battery indicator) even though a new battery was installed. How can I reset the central sweep hand to the 12 0'clock position?

the chronograph hands of any quartz chrono can be calibrated with the use of the crown and pushers.

I am not sure of the exact sequence for your watch, so if you need that let me know.

otherwise, pull the crown to the first position and try the pushers to see that hand moves. use the pushers to move the hand to the 0 position.

if the central sweep isn't corrected yet, pull the crown to the second position and try the pushers until you get that hand to 0 as well.

it takes a bit of getting used to, but is very easy to do.


let me know if you need more help.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I pulled the crown out from the 0 position to both the 1 and 2 position. In both crown positions I pushed both "pushers" individually and simultaneously in different sequences, without success.


The stopwatch/second hand function will not start with the crown in the 1 or 2 position. Therefore, I also started the stopwatch/second hand with the crown in the 0 position and moved the crown to the 1 or 2 position while the second was running and tried the pusher to reset. Still no success.


I'm thinking this particular watch might have a reset putton internally or the battery might have to be removed to reset the hand with the pushers. that sound like the next logical progression . Do you agree or have any other suggestions?

try this:

Correction of any Misalignment of the Chronograph Hands
Procedure for accessing the "correction mode"

  • Pull the crown into position 1

  • Maintain the pressure on Pusher 2 (Bottom Pusher) and press Pusher 1 (Top Pusher) 3 times in rapid succession
  • Then P2 enables us to alter the setting of the chronograph hand
  • Every press on this component causes the chronograph hand to advance one step
  • To put the time forward rapidly press and hold down this Pusher
  • To stop chronograph hand correction mode press P1. You then move to the correction mode for hands on the hour and minute counters
  • Press P2 again each push advances the aforementioned counter hands one step at a time
  • Maintaining pressure on the pusher causes the hands to advance rapidly
  • To end this correction process press P1 again

• Push the crown back into position 01

let me know how this works,


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