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I need auto insurance for a 3-month trip to Europe. I will

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I need auto insurance for a 3-month trip to Europe.
I will buy a used car in July and sell it again in October.
Are there any companies in the Netherlands that will sell me a used car and then buy it back from me when I return?
How do I handle registration and insurance?
Where can I get the best insurance for such a car?
I would suggest you consider the Renault Eurodrive program. This program would be a short-term lease that would seem to meet your needs.

Peugeot offers a similar program

There are a number of companies that offer these short-term leases. You may want to do some price comparisons by doing a web search using the words

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I was actually looking for a car dealer who can sell me a used car and then re-purchase it three months later.

I could do this either in Amsterdam or in Cologne.

Alternatively, do you know if Audi, BMW or Mercedes do something like Renault or Peugeot?

I believe that BMW and Mercedes have delivery options for you to purchase your new car in Europe, but I don't believe that they have any similar short-term lease program.

Unfortunately, in trying to purchase and then resell a used car through a dealer would likely be much more complex and risky. Without a formal program that included specific pricing for repurchase, that included insurance etc, you would be at risk of some problem when you tried to return the vehicle.

For a time frame of 3 months, I do believe that you would have much more in the way of hassles without an organized program such as the 2 programs that I suggested. If you were to have a problem, you would end up stuck in Europe trying to sell the car OR spend months/years fighting the dealer in European courts over a breach of contract.
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