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Pruning. Is it OK to use a chain saw to prune a large (15m)

Resolved Question:

Pruning. Is it OK to use a chain saw to prune a large (15m) lilly pilly (australian plant). Will the oil affect it and will cutting it down to one metre harm it?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

I know those can be pruned and recover well from it, but at 15m the trunk might be quite large at one metre. Perhaps it would be better to remove it completely and put a young new one that you would then lightly prune each year (those tree are fast grower). If you still have lot of branch under the cut it might be fine, i know of many tree growing new branch from a bare truck without branch but i really can't say for a riberry tree. Sometime when i have to prune very large trees, i do in in many step over 4 years to let the tree a chance to recover. I cut the top and half the upper branch to let the lower branch grow and get more energy progressively.

I am not sure of what you mean about the oil (oil of the chainsaw on the tree or sap from the tree on the chain saw). In any case i don't see a problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Martin,

thanks for your answer...I was referrring to the oil on the chainsaw.

Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
It should not be a problem. If you want to be on the safe side you could brush the perimeter of the cut with water and rinse after but i really don't think it would be needed.
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