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Why Doesnt Fb Take Their Customers Seriously

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Why Doesn't Fb Take Their Customers Seriously?

Hello. I can assist you with your question.


It's because it's a "free" service - even though they are making a ton of money because you are there, they consider the service "free" because there is no subscription fee. And just as other "free" services like hotmail, gmail, etc, they use this to justify their lack of/absence of customer service. Most of these companies cannot be contacted at all by phone. Worse yet, companies like Microsoft are slowly trending toward the "no customer support model" as well. It's pathetic.


Don't take it personally - they aren't ignoring you. They are ignoring everyone. It would surprise me more if you did come to me to say that you had some evidence that a person actually looked at your email. In the case of Facebook, I don't think those emails land anywhere. I don't think anyone even gets them. Like I said, pathetic.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok, so I'm just supposed to accept the fact that I'm the victim of identity theft? That's a crime and Facebook is letting it happen. I'm sorry, that's not an acceptable answer.

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not afilliated with Facebook. You asked a question and I gave you the real answer. Would you prefer a more encouraging answer that isn't true? Why would you ask a question and then tell me the correct answer I give you isn't acceptable. I agree in general terms, it's not acceptable, but in terms of whether my answer is one that should be accepted should not be confused with that.


I'm sorry. I have a policy of answering questions with the truth, whether it's good or bad. It's what most customers prefer.


The good news is that a compromized Facebook account and/or Zynga Poker account usually doesn't provide an avenue to identity theft. There is very little, if any, information in those accounts that can be viewed privately that isn't already viewable by the public.


Sorry about the answer, but it is the correct one.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm not trying to shoot the messenger. I just don't understand why Facebook isn't held accountable when there is clear identity theft going on and when it is brought to their attention, they do nothing about it. It's a crime across the globe. Right now, I have my bank calling me even when I pay a bill because of this. What gets me is that both FB and Zynga contacted me a day earlier to ask if I was in a different part of the world or would allow anyone access to play poker in Indonesia. I replied absolutely not to both, changed my password XXXXX by 9:13 the next morning everything on my page is changed, including my email a woman in Indonesia. They were forewarned! And FB posts they are not accountable for anything. That's just pure BS to me. If they accept money from their customers, they should be held accountable if they allow identity theft to happen...and in my case, they allowed it, as far as I can determine.

Anyway, thanks for your answer. I was actually hoping for someone from FB to answer, but guess that's never going to happen.

I completely agree with what you are saying. In the end, what they like to say is, "well, we're a FREE service". As you know, that's just a matter of semantics because I spend more money on Facebook games than I do on any other site on the internet.


As far as the security - they seem to take every step in security that will make it less likely for a legitimate user to log into their own account, but the first time someone uses your account in Indonesia, they call you and immediately assume that you must be in Indonesia.


And they are all becoming the same. Their answer - "close your account and open a new one". It is BS. In fact, the reason I took your question is because this is one of my pet peaves and I complain about it all the time. Unfortunately, those who are in a position to do something about it have absolutely no way to contact them! And they are so huge, and most people are so oblivious, the savvy users suffer. Sorry. I do wish the internet wasn't going in this direction.

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