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One of my mental demons I keep recalling for a long time In

Resolved Question:

One of my mental demons I keep recalling for a long time: In college, I was very vain about my looks. Once, I went to the barber shop to get a crew cut.
The barber said he would do his best. I replyed that that would't do. I wanted a guarentee! I stood in line for another barber. This incident has embarresed me for severel years. I can't believe I said that. Can you help me deal with this discomfort? Please!

Phil Rupel
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

Don't feel too ashamed about this, after all a crew cut is not that hard to do. The problem is if you did not gave a chance to the barber to explain himself on the matter.

Barber are professionals, they receive tons of weird customers each days. It probably just made a nice anecdote to tell his wife when he got back home :).

It's not uncommon for a barber to do such a career for his whole life. If you pass by one day, you could go there and apologize to him if it make you feel better.

As long as you don't exhibit that kind of behavior anymore, all things should be good. Being too picky about your look may have been a showing of lack of self confidence or an exacerbate need for control at that time in your life.

What also may have been the problem then and is perhaps still here today is if you have a problem to let go. Let go the need to be perfect, identify a "good enough" level on all things you do. Not a good enough level to be a slacker but just a good ratio between too much effort and a just effort.
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