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left foot middle toe swollen, very red, painful, toe not broken(xrayed),

Customer Question

left foot middle toe swollen, very red, painful, toe not broken(xrayed), doesn't appear to be a bite, doesn't quite feel like got, uric acid is 0.46 mmol/l, been almost 2 weeks now, have taken anti inflam' whick only helps a bit.

Seemed to have happened after drinking 2 liters of tomato juice in 2 weeks,

still drink 4 to 5 stubbies of beer per day 4pm to 7pm

what is the problem? am i going to die? can u tell me what it is and how 2 fix it
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  MASKhan replied 6 years ago.
Well to start with the normal range for uric acid is less than 0.4 mmol/L or under 7 mg/dL which is the level after which crystallization can occur

Your is higher i.e 8 mg/dL
Now what you should understand is the fact that uric acid levels can vary in individuals, the levels that may cause gout to surface.
Besides this it should be examined by a doctor to rule out any sub cutaneous tissue (under the skin) inflammation and if found appropriate antibiotics with anti inflammatory drugs would help
Either ways you would need a visit and a some prescription medicine that you can not get on your own and simple anti inflammatory may not help.
And no you should be worried about dying, and instead should focuss on getting it examined with the two possible diagnosis in mind
Hope This Helped
Expert:  footfacts replied 6 years ago.
let us look at a possible mechanical reason for the middle toe problem. There are 2 things that could be causing the problem.1. you could have an ingrown toenail due to pressure on the nail from the shoe that you are wearing.This can be present even without any drainage from the area.2. You could have a slight hammertoe deformity that can also cause pressure to the toe .You may have some thicken callus at the tip or top of the toe.
One can have gout without a high uric acid if they are also taking some blood pressure medications.
Go to a foot specialist to rule out 1 and 2.
push on the nail ..if that hurts start with that.
We all take our feet for granted until they hurt. Good luck but follow through.These problems do not cure themselves.
Expert:  lisadpm replied 6 years ago.
Just because you have a low uric acid level does not mean this is not gout. I does seem like there is a good chance that it is gout but there are some other things to look for as mentioned above like a problem with the toenail. Psoriatic arthritis can also manifest as a red swollen toe. I would recommend you start by decreasing the alcohol. That is one of exacerbating factors of gout. You need to get plenty of fluids and have your doctor rule out an infection. If it can not be ruled out you need an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory that works well for gout. If infection is ruled out a cortisone injection also may help.

Good luck and feel better. Please be sure to follow up.