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JamesStone, Analyst, Programmer, Writer
Category: General
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Experience:  BA English Teaching, Data Analyst 7 Years
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Question for Expert JamesStone You mentioned before on

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Question for Expert: JamesStone:

You mentioned before on the navigation menu a list of options such as:

Company Profile
Current Oil Projects
What is required for a successful project (list skills/experience)
Tax Advantages
About the Industry (Condensed)
Industry History (Longer Version)
Contact Us

Can you give me more details about you meant for:

What is required for a successful project (list skills/experience)
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Sure. I think this is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge on what all is involved in the production process.

If this were a project that I was managing in office, it would be a high level timeline of tasks that need to be accomplished, the various stakeholders involved, general estimates of what happens after certain milestones are met, etc. It gives investors an idea of the speed in which things take place as well as how their money is being spent.

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