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Question for Expert JamesStone I forgot to mention on Kents

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Question for Expert JamesStone = I forgot to mention on Kent's 'about me' his experience with OIL (MY BAD) so we need to mention something about how Kent and his Son Spencer have spent somewhere in the range of 20 years playing around with oil and have been successful at marking water well locations for home owners in the country and mountainside, as well as oil well locations for private companies and getting compensated...but now its their time to drill on their own. Say something about them having a near 100% success doesnt have to be in a percentage but just somethign saying how well/accurate they were which lead this to this venture.
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Kent and his son Spencer have spent decades in the Kearn county area marking water well locations for home owners as well as consulting with oil companies to locate successful well locations. While their primary business was focused on real estate development and residential construction projects, when the market took a significant downturn they decided to reevaluate their priorities.

The decline in new construction starts, in conjunction with a surge in oil prices has made the prospect of transitioning from consulting for prime drilling locations to actually being involved with the production process quite lucrative.
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