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Question for Expert JamesStone What is a good way to plump

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Question for Expert: JamesStone: What is a good way to plump up this letter some? I would like to share briefly an urge of why they should look into it would be good for them financially and due to the demand in oil etc etc...ideas?

Dear Mr. Stone,
We are a limited partnership based out of Kern County, California with plans to begin oil and natural gas exploration on leased property starting in August 2011. Our three well sites have been selected utilizing leading surveying technology. We are offering a limited number of shares in this partnership in order to support the infrastructure and operating costs necessary to make this project successful.
Please take a moment to learn more about our LP investment opportunity by visiting (www), or feel free to give our managing General Partner a call.
Kent Barton XXX-XXX-XXXX
We've also created a PDF brochure you can download directly at www.pdf which contains all of the pertinent investment information in a condensed format.
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With oil prices continuing to rise and political instability in many oil producing nations, now is an excellent time to consider investing in domestic oil production. We have an established lease on the proposed drilling site that we have held since 1992, and unlike deep water drilling, there is negligible political interference to be concerned with.

Our industry experts have decades of experience in locating and facilitating oil, water, and natural gas production projects with an extremely high success rate (near 100%).
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