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Question for JamesStone How to better word this Hi Mr.

Resolved Question:

Question for JamesStone: How to better word this: Hi Mr. Geraci, I spoke to Martin this morning and he mentioned that he didnt have the number at all to the inspector. So I apologize, It's not that they were not responding to us, we just arent sure how to go about making an appointment and placing the call. So all and all not much has changed from this email to the last, I just dont want it to sound as though I was putting in a bad word for the Inspector thats lined up. Thanks for your timely responses! Talk to you soon.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  JamesStone replied 6 years ago.
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Hello Mr. Geraci,

I have spoken with Martin this morning regarding your concern and he me aware that he was unable to locate the contact information for the inspector. I apologize for this delay, but rest assured that it is not related to a lack of response on the part of the inspector's office, it was simply a miscommunication related to arranging the appointment. In effect there has not been a change in status since the last email, but I do not wish to convey that there is an issue with the inspector we've selected. Thank you for the timely response, I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

(PS: if part of that was directed at me, please edit, lol)
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