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Very easy Question im starting a non profit organization

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Very easy Question

im starting a non profit organization that will be providing scholarship for students of all ages i already have my tax id with the organizations

but i wanted to know how can i get a sample forms so when i mention about the non profit organization scholarship program that the students will have the forms to apply.

should i be creating my own form?
or is there any other website that would have samples for me
I'm sure you could find scholarship applications in various locations on the web (from colleges, foundations, non-profits that offer scholarships), however without knowing the type of students/applicants that would be considered and the criteria for the scholarship, there really isn't any benefit from copying or modeling an application from another site.

Clearly you need demographics (name, address, phone, Email etc) for contacting the student.

Other information that would be appropriate; Name of college/university/trade school to which they have been accepted, financial information from the school (tuition, room and board, books etc).

If the basis of the scholarship is financial need, then you obviously need to obtain some financial information; income, savings, etc (This is all part of the FASFA financial aid application)

If the basis is academic/sports/community service - you would need information pertaining to the criteria by which you would select students (GPA, Class rank, SAT scores, honors, participation in sports etc.)

You may want to add a place for a statement/essay "Why I deserve your scholarship" or "My career goals"

There are so many variables. You first have to decide upon what basis you are going to select students (there are potentially many more applicants that your limited resources will provide for) - and design the form so that you have this information at hand.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you do you know where i can find online resources that will design the form asking for
If you have Microsoft Word or Excel you could use these programs to design a form.