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Question for James Stone Help with re-wording (below

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Question for James Stone: Help with re-wording =

(below is a basic summary but if there is a small touch we could add to it? The exact numbers/math is off so disregard that. I want it sound business but friendly. Its going to be on a summary page where it shows who's in charge of what, many of the focal points, etc)

Projected Return:
Figured at 500+ barrels of oil per day at going market price, price is currently $98.00 per barrel with a $X.00 operating expense. The working interest of the limited partnership amount of 83 1/3% is projected to achieve $100,000.00 per day, $3,000,000.00 per month and $36,000,000.00 in a years time.
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(Below is my estimation of how you want to present this information. Typical considerations are fixed costs, variable costs, etc, and I'm not sure what those all would amount to.)

Projected Return Values:

Fixed costs consist of X, associated with lease operating expenses, Y, associated with other labor and management, and Z, associated with transportation costs, severance taxes etc.

Projected Production (bbls/day): 250
Current Price of Oil, per barrel: $100
Total production value:
Per day: $25K
Per month: $760K
Per year (365): $9.125M

The working interest of the limited partnership: 83 1/3%

Estimated reserve capacity will impact the total expected return. (would this value be available?) Based on comparative analysis, this reserve would be expected to have a production life at projected levels for 2.5 years.

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