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Our equipment works by the use of a comparing Module that tests the underground structure in and around a producing oil field. This data is then cross-referenced with oil field reports from existing oil wells that show a definite hydrocarbon reserve on the property. Using the Module, we can detect exactly where the hydrocarbon flows are beneath the Earth. With this information, the Module can now narrow down the location of the main hydrocarbon source. Using a refined search, we can locate the top of the anticline, or the center of the hydrocarbon area, to determine the drilling site.
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Estimating oil reserves can be artfully done, but certainly involves good science. One of the most effective methods of identifying the proper drill site is through use of a comparison module. The process begins by finding a functioning example. The comparing module tests the underground structure both in and around a producing oil field. This data is then cross referenced with oil field reports from these existing oil wells to get an idea of how much volume a reserve holds, as it relates to those readings. These readings are used like a map to determine the proper location of the main hydrocarbon source, then a refined search is used to pinpoint the top of the "anticline," which is the center of the hydrocarbon area and ideal extraction point.
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