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Question for James Stone = Re-creating this:

With our special technology we can locate oil, gas, or even water wells on any given piece of property. We use what is called Sensor Imaging. This type of location technology uses the natural faults and fractures of the Earth to pinpoint the best possible location for an oil or gas well.

Is there any way to recreate this? Thanks!
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Successful strategic placement of drill sites involves leveraging the best technology. Our surveying specialists utilize Sensor Imaging scanners, which are the equivalent of an MRI in identifying the natural faults and fractures of the earth to pinpoint the best possible location for an oil or gas well. The reservoir characterization can assist in locating oil, gas, or even water wells on a given piece of property, as well as assist in determining hydrocarbon volumes.

-Let me know if that works. I did a little research on sensor imaging :)
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.



all of your work sounds sophisticated, but easy to understand and very likeable. My grandma has been hearing about oil for almost 20 years and hasnt really built much of an interest because the way my grandpa talkes about it (forever and ever and ever in great detail) bores her to where it doesnt grasp her attention. Thats why its nice having you help us with making the basics of the website/etc ... she was reading some of the work you did and she had a big ol' smile on her face and thought the writing was amazing. I fully gave you the credit. Anyways, once an investor calls my Grandpa he has it from there. Its funny to listen to him talk about the very detailed specifics of geology, drilling, oil. He is to oil - what you are to writing (lol) its just...either you've got it or you dont. But the main thing is trust. With your writing, we will gain trust...and once they call to question our business we've got it in the bag...glad to make any recommendations for you!! excellent as always, thx