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Question about hired out yard work I live in the San Joaquin

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Question about hired out yard work?

I live in the San Joaquin Valley of California (here where its really depressed) not Malibu or anywhere fancy ;)

I have a small yard. A small 2 bedroom 1 bath house in the middle of a 3 bed, 2 bath neighborhood. I think my house was the first tiny block house to go in and then the rest of the houses were bigger nicer houses that went in 20 years later.

Im in my late 20's and have a roommate. Together we pay our yard guy. When we first moved to the neighborhood 5 years ago, a very nice petite hispanic gentlement in his 50's
was so kind to ask me if I wanted my yard done. He does some of the neighborig properties and comes by every other week. The first time he charged me $15.00. Through time (up until now) I pay him $25 each time he comes. He does absolutely everything one should do. On occassion he'll even trim this one bush that we have outside. I never have time to visit and his English is a little broken, but we manage to get a long great. He's so nice I just want to make sure I'm paying him enough...When he does my yard, he'll also do one other yard accross the street, and then a few days later he'll do another yard. He's so modest that I dont know if he would tell me that his prices should be more...and the first time for $15 I think was just a 'one time' intro as I mentioned my yard is just your typical small/medium sized yard. Thanks.
What kind of time would you say he spends working on your yard in particular? What type of equipment does he use?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi good day ;D

Im not sure exactly, most of the time I'm either coming or going or working from home and not paying attention...right around an hours time. Never quicker if anything 10 minutes over or so. I just dont want to skimp I want to pay the going rate and I've never asked any of the other neighbors what they pay (dont want to be nosy). It helps me out a lot because sometimes I work from home, other times I'm off on the road and gone for weeks.

I believe most professional companies will charge between $25-$35 per hour. Of course it is hard to get anybody to show up and just work an hour.

Since he was an individual just trying to pick up some work, him originally asking $15 was probably a value he felt he could live with.

$25 for an hour's work seems pretty reasonable given the nature of the work and the size of your yard. Given that you're in California and the cost of living is a little higher, you could probably talk yourself into bumping it up another $5-$10...or you could just make the extras intermittent (IE related to the extra touches he puts in), so there isn't necessarily an expectation there.

I've got relatives in Long Beach, seems pretty reasonable what you are paying now, but a little extra now and then for a job well done is always nice, especially if you feel you have a good relationship with the guy.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hey there ~ I have a few other open questions I wanted to let you know about in case you are interested, I also posted your name to the headline. Thanks for all your help!