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Question about the SodaStream. Why cant you wash the sodastream

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Question about the SodaStream. Why can't you wash the sodastream bottles in the dishwasher? The warning on the side tells you not to. But I have trouble cleaning them out, because when I clean with soap, it takes forever to rinse it out and they just don't feel clean. My plan is to start pouring the fizzy water into a nalgene so that way I don't have to clean the bottles. But what is the reasoning?
While you might think it is just related to the bottles getting deformed from heat drying elements in your dishwasher, there is a little more to it, and it relates to the type of plastic the bottles are made of.

The sodastream bottles are made from PET plastic, which is great in that is recycled materials and also BPA free, however, this type of plastic is not known to respond well to heat and detergents over time. These types of exposures can lead to leaching of EDC's (endocrine disrupting chemicals) from the plastic. Essentially the heat can disrupt the integrity of the bottle, whereas the pH level of the detergent can as well.

Such signs as scratching, hazing, extreme cold or heat exposure, clarity of the bottle, are all signs the bottle could be losing its integrity.

Common recommendations are to limit the use for carbonation and transfer to another container such as a glass carafe might help facilitate keeping the bottle cleaner, and also keep it from lower temperature exposure if you keep the product near freezing. Also, purchasing a bottle brush can help get the bottle more thoroughly cleaned. There are even little tablets that some people have used to clean baby bottles that could work for you if it was a concern.

Needless to say the temperature of most dishwashers will warp these bottles like nobody's business, but even if you were to simply intercept the bottle prior to the drying cycle, it is possible the temperature of the water prior to that in addition to any movement from the water streams could compromise areas of the bottle and result in leaching and decreased integrity.

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